Create Load Tests In Minutes

Parallel makes it easy to load test your api, server, database, anything...

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More Uptime

Prevent Outages

Parallel helps ensure your app can handle the traffic and demands of your users. Avoid costly outages and keep users happy.

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Release With Confidence

Continuous load testing enables your team to identify and fix issues before release, resulting in fewer problems post-launch.

Save on Cloud Costs

Reduce Cloud Costs

Optimize your cloud resources by tuning your infrastructure under high-load conditions.

Test Any Stack

Parallel lets you use JavaScript and NPM packages to load test APIs, WebSockets, databases, gRPC, and much more.

Load Test Any Stack With Parallel

Test In Minutes

Load testing is hard, so let Parallel handle all of the complexity for you. Use Parallel to create massively scalable load tests with just a few lines of JavaScript.

Parallel lets you write load tests in JavaScript

Test With Your Team

Collaborate with your team by easily sharing tests and results. Anyone on your team can run a load test, no coding needed.

Share load tests with your team using Parallel


Making Your First Load Test

Learn how to load test with Parallel in under 6 minutes

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